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TikTok Stories: What It Is And How Do They Work?

tiktok stories

In any social media platform, following emerging features is the best way to stay ahead of the curve. Still, TikTok is growing consistently and holding its place as the most downloaded app since 2021. Analysts have predicted that TikTok will reach 1.5 billion users by the end of this year. The new feature TikTok stories provide a great way for users to share authentic content and connect with potential audiences on TikTok.

As of now, TikTok stories, a new feature is not available for most of us because this feature hasn’t been published heavily. Of course, that could be published at any time if the testing goes well. If you are curious about this feature, here is everything you need to know about TikTok stories, including what it is and how they work.

What Are TikTok Stories?

Like Instagram stories, TikTok stories are videos that last up to 15 seconds and are only visible for 24 hours after posting. Your TikTok stories will be featured as an in-feed post with a story tag in the top left corner of the TikTok screen. Additionally, TikTok stories allow users to comment publicly, see others’ comments, and even find the number of views on others TikTok stories. 

How Does TikTok Story Work?

TikTok stories appear on your profile within your standard feed. They have a blue “story” icon in the top left corner of the TikTok homepage. If you post a story, your TikTok profile picture will be encircled in a blue clickable ring that directs users to your TikTok stories. Your TikTok audience will see your stories in their For You Page in the same way they see your regular TikTok videos.  When it comes to story interaction, the user can like, comment, and share your TikTok story in the same way they do standard feed posts.  Now,  you will start to appear more credible and trustworthy on TikTok to new people.  This would lead all of your videos to show up in the most users’ feeds as well as increase your account’s visibility.

Steps To Post A TikTok Stories

Follow the steps below to post engaging TikTok stories.

Step 1: Tap the plus button in the centre of the TikTok screen. Now record a new video or upload a photo or video from your camera roll. 

Step 2: Utilise TikTok standard tools such as sound, stickers, and effects to make your story more attractive. 

Step 3: Post your story

After posting your story, it will appear at the top of your feed and your user’s feeds. Users can click the blue circle to see a live story on TikTok

How To Build Community With TikTok Stories

TikTok stories are a perfect way to boost engagement and grow a strong TikTok community among wider audiences. With this amazing feature, a creator can connect with their potential audience and share more information about your day to day life. 

Since TikTok stories disappear after 24 hours, users can repost their highly engaging TikTok stories to increase video engagement. The For You Page(FYP) shows content from all the TikTok users, but the story panel only displays TikTok stories from an account on the platform. Moreover, users who are not following your account can’t see your stories. It is best to encourage your audience to follow your TikTok account to ensure they don’t miss an informative story. 

Are you a newbie wondering what content to post on TikTok stories? 

Here are some engaging TikTok story ideas:

  • Post behind the scene
  • Host Q&A
  • Show daily activities
  • Share tips and tricks
  • Give announcements
  • Promote videos or products
  • Use interactive stickers
  • Share contests and giveaways
  • Post polls
  • Offer promo codes
  • Publish exclusive content

Be Prepared To Use TikTok Story Features

Since the TikTok story feature gives access to users around a few regions, it is your responsibility to be prepared for this amazing feature to attract a new audience to your profile. Use the steps above to create authentic TikTok stories, boost your engagement rate among your target audience, and make your profile popular on TikTok. 

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