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Three Tips for Effective Social Media Marketing on TikTok

TikTok is currently a top topic among marketers. Users on TikTok spend an impressive $10 on food-related items – from salmon rice bowls to avocado toast! But what’s trendy today may be something other than popular tomorrow.

TikTok relies heavily on audience discoverability to help users discover and like posts. Marketers can take advantage of this by using TikTok’s algorithm, which creates a level playing field. New brands can become viral without needing many followers; getting noticed on TikTok is much simpler than getting noticed on Instagram due to its instant satisfaction system and user-likeability.

Are you struggling to determine the ideal TikTok marketing strategy for your business? Look no further. These three social marketing TikTok tips will help make you the master of this social media platform.

Post Regularly and Often

The key to any social media account is consistency – posting, publishing, and posting. TikTok serves as an excellent example of this since not all videos will be successful; some will fail completely – that’s okay! This all part of refining what works for your brand in the long run.

Followers want content they can come back to regularly for inspiration, humor, or a lift in spirits. Aim to post on TikTok at least once daily; for consistency in posting, create multiple videos at once and schedule them for release at regular intervals.

This guide will provide the most beneficial techniques for creating video content.

Leverage Hashtags

Hashtags can be an effective tool for your audience to locate your content. Consider who your target audiences are and what they search for when using a platform like Instagram; these tips are short and sweet so that you may use something like #healthtips or #cooking instead of the more specific #healthycookingtips.

Some brands have had success creating their own hashtags, leading to viral movements or advertising of challenges or brand content.

Chipotle recently held a contest, #ChipotleRoyalty, to draw attention to their favorite burrito orders. Your brand can further engage customers by encouraging them to create videos using a specific hashtag.

Utilize Influencers and Followers to Expand Your Audience

Finally, reach out to your TikTok followers. Ask if any of your followers would use one of your brand videos in their user-generated content (UGC). Use features like the “duet,” which allows users to view five seconds from your brand video on a split screen, or “stitch,” which allows users to incorporate five seconds into their own video as an opportunity for engagement with your brand.

If your budget allows, working with an influencer might be beneficial. Target recently collaborated with TikTok star Victoria Bachlet on a back-to-school video that looked natural for Vera Bradley’s collaboration. Understanding your audience is crucial for any successful partnership; Target customers want real-life ambassadors to demonstrate new products they can relate to and trust.

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No matter where you start, just get going. TikTok can be difficult to predict from a marketing perspective; however, its unpredictable algorithm could prove beneficial if an out-of-the-box video that goes viral becomes popular. Trust your instincts and embrace change to maximize engagement with your brand!