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How to Make a Compass in Minecraft

how to make a compass in minecraft

how to make a compass in minecraft

Making a Compass

To make a compass in Minecraft, you’ll need to use the command “/give.” First, press the ‘T’ key to open the chat window. Type in the command “/give @p minecraft:compass 1” and hit enter. This will give you a crafting table and place it into your inventory. To craft a compass, add four iron ingots and one redstone dust to a grid of 3×3 squares on the crafting table. The redstone dust should be placed in the center square of this grid while the iron ingots are situated around it. When crafting is complete, you will now have a compass that points towards your spawn point or original spawn point when generated world was created. You can also set it to point toward any destination by using another command “/setworldspawn x y z” where x y z are coordinates for which direction your compass should be pointing towards.

Gather Materials

Gather Materials

Before you can make a compass in Minecraft, you must first gather materials. The two main components are iron and gold. Iron is the easiest material to find, as it can be mined from almost any kind of stone by using a pickaxe. Gold is more rare, but it can still be found throughout the game world if you look hard enough. You will need at least five pieces of each material in order to craft your compass. Once you have located both iron and gold blocks, use your pickaxe to mine them and add them to your inventory before moving on to the next step of crafting your compass.

Craft the Compass

The first step to making a compass in Minecraft is to gather the necessary materials: four iron ingots, one redstone dust, and one piece of died. To craft the components together, open your crafting table and place the iron ingots in a square pattern with the redstone dust in the center. Place the died on top of that pattern to create a compass. Once crafted, you will have a working compass! You can also upgrade your recipe by adding another piece of dye to make an enhanced compass or add some gold nuggets to make an enchanted golden compass. Either way, you’ll be ready for any journey!

Activating the Compass

Activating the Compass requires data from your iPhone. First, be sure that you have both Bluetooth and GPS enabled on your device. Then, open up the Minecraft app to access the game menu. Once in the game menu, select the “Compass” option and choose to “Connect” with a new device. After doing this, you should see a prompt on your iPhone requesting permission to connect with Minecraft. Tap “Allow” and wait for the connection to be made; once it is successful, you will see a message confirming that you have successfully connected your compass with your device. You can then begin using your compass as normal in-game!

Using the Compass

Using the Compass in Minecraft requires a few steps. First, you will need to gather some supplies. This includes a crafting table, four iron ingots, and one redstone dust. Place the crafting table on the ground and open it up. You should find a 3×3 grid with an area for output. Place your four iron ingots in each of the four corners of the grid and one redstone dust in the center square. When done correctly, this should result in a compass appearing in your output slot at the far right of the grid.

Once you have created your compass, you can begin using it to navigate around your Minecraft world! You can assign specific locations to points on your map before setting out on an adventure – this could be anything from caves to villages populated by mobs or other players who are gaming with you online! By using your newly-crafted compass, you can easily locate these important destinations without getting lost or spending hours searching for them manually.

Attaching the Compass to a Stick

To make a compass in Minecraft, you need to craft a few items first. The most important item is an Iron Ingot and one of the recipes you can use to get this is smelting iron ore in a furnace. You’ll also need several other things like coal, a stick, and a bed. Once all the necessary ingredients are collected, it’s time to attach the compass to the stick. To do this, open your crafting menu and put the two items into adjacent slots in any order. This will create an enchanted compass that will point towards your spawn location when used. Now that you have your compass ready, it’s time to enjoy navigating around your world!

Placing Redstone Dust on the Ground

Redstone dust is a versatile material in Minecraft. Placing redstone dust on the ground allows players to create pathways that can be used for a variety of purposes. The most common type of pathway is a redstone circuit, which is powered by redstone torches and buttons to create circuits with logic gates and other components. Redstone circuits can be used to detect changes in the environment, such as when an item is added or removed from an inventory, or when a pressure plate has been stepped on. They can also be used for more complicated tasks, such as creating automatic doors or elevators.

In order to make a compass in Minecraft, players must place eight blocks of netherite around a lodestone they have placed on the ground. By wiring up redstone dust around these blocks with repeaters and comparators, players can ensure that their compasses always point north no matter where they are located in the game world. Doing this requires precise placement of both netherite blocks and redstone dust so that it all adds up correctly. With careful planning and care taken while placing everything it’s possible to make yourself an extremely accurate compass perfect for navigating through the Nether or just helping you out with exploration!

Advanced Crafting Options

Advanced crafting options in Minecraft allow players to customize their games and make them more unique. For example, players can edit the game’s world by adding or removing blocks, creating structures, and altering terrain. Additionally, players can customize their characters with different clothing, armor, and tools. One of the most useful items that a player can craft is a compass. A compass requires four iron pieces and one redstone dust block to create. Once crafted, the compass will point towards the current spawn point of the world no matter where it is placed in the game. Players can also use words to modify their compasses so they point towards specific locations instead of just spawn points. This allows for greater navigation options when exploring new areas or revisiting old ones.

Crafting with Mods

Crafting with mods can be a creative and exciting way to change up the game of Minecraft. One popular mod is the Compass mod, which allows players to make a traditional compass within the game. To craft this item, you will need at least 8 Iron Ingots and 1 Redstone Dust, which should be placed in any order on your crafting table’s 2×2 grid. Once you stack all the items into their respective slots, you will have your very own compass! The great thing about this mod is that it adds more depth and direction to the game – now you can explore further than ever before!

Additionally, if you craft multiple compasses in different directions, they will always point towards that original direction no matter how far away it is. This makes navigation easier than ever and lets you find new biomes or bases with ease. Crafting with mods like these can add an entirely new layer of fun to your Minecraft experience!


In conclusion, making a compass in Minecraft requires just a few simple steps. First, gather the necessary materials: four iron ingots and one redstone. Then craft the iron ingots into a compass shape on the crafting table. Finally, add the redstone to the center of the pattern to create your new compass! Players can use this item to point towards their original spawn point or other important areas in the game world. Another item will replace it or it will break eventually. Using this method, players can easily make compasses out of any combination of materials such as gold or even bricks if they are playing Java Edition. Crafting a compass is an essential part of playing Minecraft that all players should learn how to do!

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